1. Dash forward: Right Arrow
  2. Dash downward: Down Arrow
  3. Dash upward: only the AI can do it, trust it ;)


LedyBot is inspired in Flappy Bird but with its own interesting twist: you coop with an artificial inteligence.

My main goal was to create an AI which could play the game alone, evading the incoming pipes. In the process I really felt the desire to help it with my own commands, so why not?! When creativity comes, just embrace it hard.

I found it really fun to play, hope you enjoy it too. Share with me your feedbacks and highscores ;)


This was meant to be a programming exercise, which I felt like sharing. I only had the idea, made the code and used some free content, for which I should give credits to some people who are cited below. 

-Pokémon Company for the use of Ledyba pokémon. The sprite is from the game Pokémon Shuffle, a great match-3-pokémon-themed game, played it a lot.

- Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES) creators. I made a little adjust in your hills sprites do they'd gradually change colours, hope you don't mind. Great game.

- konstantinusz, great artist at for his insectoid sound effect. I used it as the SFX when you or the AI give a command.

-Finally, once again, Benjamin Tissot at for his amazing groovy beat which fit just perfect with the game aesthetic!

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