Defeat Monkey Negative is a tiny game I made in 3 days for a college project. It's inspired by GORILLAS (1991 - IBM)

My main goal was to create a simple machine learning algorithm for the negative monkey. It can adjust its own parameters until it hits the player with a negative banana :) Oh, I've made it so the map is a bit procedural, just to get things more exciting.

Hope you enjoy this little game I've made. It's quite straightforward, but had lot's of fun doing it. I'd appreciate some feedback and, of course, bug reports are always welcome!


Again, this was meant to be a small programming exercise, which I felt like sharing. I only made the code and used some free content, for which I should give credits to some people who are cited below. 

- Yoshi's Island (SNES) creators. I used your monkey sprite, hope you don't mind. Great game you guys did tho

- Some great artists at for their sound effects: denao270 (throw ), RSilveira_88 (explosion),  befig (player lose monkey scream), pugamae (player win monkey scream).

-Jean Moreno for his explosion VFX. Checkout his work at Unity's Asset Store.

-Benjamin Tissot at for his amazing groovy beat which fit just perfect with the game aesthetic!

Release date Apr 01, 2019
Made withUnity, GIMP, Audacity
TagsArcade, banana, bomb, machinelearning, machine-learning, monkey, Pixel Art, Turn-Based Combat, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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